Top Portland Oregon and Worldwide Plastic Surgeons

If you’replastic surgery portland oregon looking for the absolute highest qualifications and recommendations for your cosmetic surgeon, read on. Business has been booming the past few years for cosmetic surgery clinics and doctors alike. All the actresses on television and the huge wieners in porn have forced people to raise their appearance standards pretty significantly.

As with every other service sort of business, its never too long until you start seeing the top few surgeons gain attention as the absolute best in their field. Our blog post this week is simply an analysis of the best expert doctors from around the world and a narrowing down of the selection to the absolute best 3. These doctors could cost you up to an arm and a leg, so we hope you’re sitting down if you were planning on hiring them!

Top of His Game

As far as techniques go, this doctor is the absolute best at facelifts and actually personally came up with the idea for liposuctions. Running his practice out of the state of New York, Dr. Coleman is well qualified after completing his required recidency programs at some of the most well known hospitals in the San Francisco region. Surgeons all around New York know this man by name and have probably attended one of his meetings at one point.

A Local Breast Augmentation Expert

This doctor lives in Portland Oregon and currently is the president of the Department of Plastic Surgery of Portland Eye, Ear and Throat Hospitals. Still not thinking highly? This doctor has developed his own surgery known as FAME. Getting to a position such as that requires more than just finesse with a scalpel, you’ve got to have the best business practices possible and excellent people skills with networking.

Peer Reviewed Five Stars

This surgeon is also very respected in his industry and sits as the standing chairman for the dept of plastic surgery in Europe. Pflug lives in Switzerland where he runs his own personally founded private practice known as the Pfulg Laclinic. Dr. Pflug is well beyond ready to perform any surgery you could imagine – including the typically demanded rhinoplasty and penis enlargement.